Bad Hair Days

A hairstyle has the ability to make or break a look. A disastrous hair-do can ruin the most amazing dress or makeup. Bad hair day is a phrase which is used for a duration in which one's hair seems to be unmanageable and at same time weak and clumsy. The term is also extended to mean a day when everything seems to go wrong which ultimately leads to lack of confidence in any activity. Bad hair day makes a normal person more self conscious and enhance the worries about his or her appearance. Depression and frustration frequently surrounds the person due to which every moment become affected badly.

Reason for bad hair days:

Everyone at some point suffers from bad hair days, It is dreadful yet avoidable. According to recent researches it has been proved that people suffering from bad hair days are the ones who frequently use blow dryers, curlers and hair straighteners. These warm hair equipments create small spaces in the hair shaft, which makes the hair stick to each other, resulting in damage, and breaking of the hair. Most of the hair equipments heat up really quickly and the hair experiences immediate state of combustion; that is, the extensive heat damages the hair causing it to burn. However, it is also believed that bad hair days could be caused due to extensive processing of the hair, like perming, coloring, curling, tinting or bleaching. One should avoid coloring or bleaching the hair, as much as possible as the chemicals react with the hair making it weak and dry which results in bad hair days.

Points to remember:

  • Environment is main important factor in bad hair day syndrome.Variation in the surrounding atmosphere like excess of humidity level, dryness makes
    the hair vulnerable to decay and fall leads to shortage of hair.
  • Frequent change of hair products like shampoo, conditioner etc do not suits the compatibility of hair.

Prevent bad hair days

Bad hair days can be prevented by reducing the use of hair straighteners, blow dryers, curlers, and hair dryers. As far as possible one should let the hair dry naturally. If hair dryers are to be used, the temperature should be kept low, so that it will not damage or burn the hair. Alternating between cold and warm settings could also prevent damage.Harmful chemicals like bleach, color and ammonia should be avoided. If the need arises to streak the hair, one should carefully choose a product which is safe and at least ammonia free.

One should limit styling on some special occasions, so that the nourishment of hair could be maintained. For best results one should use leave-in conditioners so that moisture could remain intact and the hair doesn’t break easily while blow drying. Leave-in conditioners protect the hair and prevent damage from warm hair equipments. One should never use a comb or a hot hair dryer when the hair is wet, as this will lead to split ends and the drying of hair.

Points to remember:

  • Perfect hair styling which suits the ones hair type and facial structure will provide a good protection against bad hair.
  • Deep conditioning and quality hair product will nourish the  hair to regain their shine.
  • Better nutrition in your diet like beans, grains and eggs will prevent the hair loss and repair the hair with excellent treatment.
  • Selection of high standard shampoo and conditioners will maintain the natural shine of hair and increase their strength as well.

With these special tips managing your hair is now as easy a pie. So no more bad hair days. No more tears!


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