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Queen City Style is home to Missy Medeiros, an affordable, professional stylist serving Manchester, New Hampshire and surrounding areas.

Here are some highlights about Missy:

  • Works locally in New Hampshire with more than 250 clients
  • Brings more than 18 years of experience
  • Sells hair care products at cost
  • Includes shampooing with all services
  • Provides a complimentary hair cut with every color, perm, or highlight
  • Specializes in Matrix brand color and perm products
  • Makes house calls on Tuesdays for clients with special needs upon request
Missy Medeiros is a professional stylist in New Hampshire

Salon Hours

  • Wed (10 am - 6 pm)
  • Thu (10 am - 6 pm)
  • Fri (10 am - 6 pm)
  • Sat (10 am - 1 pm)
  • Schedule your appointment with Missy today by calling 603-622-1122
  • Off-hour appointments and house calls for clients with special needs are available upon request

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